Advantages of LED Bulbs

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Mankind became acquainted with diode lighting not a long time ago. Its production technology is rather complicated and involves all the spheres of science. During the last decade, such kind of lighting became very popular in the region of illumination and lighting effects. The international title of diode is LED (Light Emitting Diode).

Today led bulbs are in great demand. It is not surprising, as such products have many advantages. Familiarize with them in details.


Saving of energy is one of led bulbs main purposes. Energy consumption is reduced by 50-70%.

Long life

A diode bulb can work from 50000 to 100000 hours (depending on operational features). Ideally, it is 11 years of continuous operation! This eliminates one more item of expenditure.


A led bulb is very strong as its hull is made of aluminum and durable plastic, without glass details. It doesn’t afraid of hits and other mechanical impacts.


These bulbs almost don’t heat and don’t require high voltage, so the risk of fire and fault is excluded. Except the technical safety, led bulbs comply with health standards, as they don’t produce flicker which is very harmful to vision.

Emitted light

The light, emitted by a diode bulb is very bright. Due to various modifications, the angle of light scattering varies from 10 to 140 degrees.

Ease of installation and usage

It is very easy to install a led bulb on any surface. Lamp replacement isn’t a difficult task, too. Modern designers prefer to work only with this type of lighting. The range of colors and color temperature is very wide, which helps to choose bulbs for any kind and color concept of design. Besides, a led bulb has a compact size; it helps to realize any design fantasy.

Don’t forget about its ecological compatibility. A diode bulb doesn’t contain any harmful substances and radiation. Now, when you have familiarized with all its “pluses”, it wouldn’t be easy to refuse from this advantage of comfortable and safe life.



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