Backlit Mirrors for Convenience and Decoration of Bathroom

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Bathroom mirrors with lights are quite common in design today. Often, such lights have no functional benefits. Though, there are models with face-directed lamps. Such lighting serves for doing make up and other cosmetic procedures. The best variant is a mirror with lights, which has the option to increase the reflection. There are three main types of bathroom mirror lights.

The first one is mirrors with external lamps. In this case different lamps can be installed at the side of the mirror. It is also possible to install spotlights and integrated LED lamps directly in the mirror or above it (in its visor). Directional single spotlights are also very popular. They light the needed part or place. The second type is a bathroom mirror with installed interior lighting. Such mirrors are very expensive because of complexity of lights installation. Usually, these products take the form of bathroom cabinets, where mirrors perform the function of doors which are highlighted. LED lighting is a light source with soft glow. The third type is decorative bathroom mirror lights. Illumination is installed behind the mirror here, using a LED strip or a standard bulb. The light is reflected on the wall. A color of a LED strip or a bulb can be chosen according to the bathroom design.

One should think about the purpose of bathroom lighting, while choosing the type of mirror lights. If lights serve as a decorative element of design, use mirror lights with soft glow, it will help to relax and take pleasure during taking a bath. If it is needed to do cosmetic procedures, choose a mirror with bright directional lights, to see all the details well.

It is also possible to produce a bathroom mirror with lights with your own hands. This would require a frame with a mirror in it. In such case it is possible to install an ordinary sconce or to stick a LED strip on the perimeter of the mirror with a double-sided tape. This will create a uniform light and save on electricity bills.


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