Bathroom Lighting

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The arrangement of the bathroom involves choosing not only design, color, furniture and building materials, but also competent lighting.  It is the soul of the interior. At first sight it might seem like an easy task, but in reality everything is different. Bathrooms rarely have windows, for this reason it is important to install artificial light properly. Particular attention should be paid to the location of the luminaries, their number and the power of the lamps used in them. Let’s look at some main recommendations:

Initially, you need to illuminate all the devices properly. This will give the special punch line to your interior, and also provide all the amenities in their using. At the same time, the light should be pleasant for the eyes and do not create irritating glare.

It is necessary to take into consideration a square of the room. If it is large – one ceiling lamp in the center or above the door will be enough. Pendant lamps look beautiful. They will give your bathroom more space and area. But the light elements look harmoniously grouped into a single figure. For medium sizes – it is desirable to install two light devices on the both sides of the mirror. The presence of flexible brackets will help to adjust the light in the desired direction. The dimensions of the mirror concerning to the luminaries should be taken into account. In small bathrooms, the situation is different. Their dimensions make it necessary to establish the illumination of the bathroom, steps, shelves or other furniture with the help of the multicolored lanterns and light-emitting diodes. It should be noted that experts do not recommend installing LED lamps, because of their bad influence on vision. Although they give the interior an original and aesthetic view.

In any of the presented options, you should not put the luminary in the center above the mirror. This kind of lighting creates a feeling of fatigue on your face. For your comfort, special attention should be paid to the insulation of electrical appliances and the height of the ceilings.

By the way, an important element in the arrangement of luminaries is the decor of the room. It can be decorated by multi-colored ceramic tiles, or illumination. To give the interior a special sophistication, there is a variant of placing LED strips under the sides of the bathroom or under the windowsill.


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