Chandeliers and Lamps in the Marine Style

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There are many different styles of interior design today; all of them are beautiful in their own way, though there are only few of them which have pronounced features and peculiarities. Today we are going to speak about a kind of interior design, which is really bright and unforgettable, – the marine style. Lamps and chandeliers in this style are very beautiful and authentic; they cannot be mixed up with the lamps in other styles.
Lamps and chandeliers in the marine style will be wonderful addition to the interior design of your living room, study or dining room, of course if they are relevant to the overall concept. Such lamps and chandeliers will look very nice in the children’s room, especially if it is a room for a boy. Lighting in the marine style gives the room some special atmosphere of freedom, adventures and new discoveries.
Speaking about the elements in the decoration of such lamps, the most popular of them are scraps of old maps, sea wheels, sea ropes and other details in this style.
In case, you have decided to use lamps in the marine style at home, you shouldn’t forget about other thematic details in your interior design in general, to show all the beauty of this style:
1. Presence of blue-and-white color scheme;
2. Wooden floor;
3. Curtains made of flax or other natural material;
4. Presence of stripes in furniture decoration or in textile (pillows, bedspreads);
5. Different things and details by style (seashells, decorative hand wheels, wooden photo frames, pictures );
6. It would be wonderful if the furniture is made in the marine style as well (for example, furniture made of artificially aged wood);

Lamps and chandeliers in the marine style look really wonderful and colorful. If they fit organically into your interior design, you will be pleased to see them every day and your guests will not remain indifferent! These lamps can create romantic and adventure atmosphere in the room and in the whole house!


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