Chandeliers with Candles – the Spirit of the Middle Ages

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Noble and elegant chandeliers with candles fill the house with the spirit of the Middle Ages and gentility. Such kinds of chandeliers are in great demand, despite the popularity of modern and hi-tech style. These illuminants light well the room due to a large number of candle-bulbs and create a special atmosphere in the house.

Plunging into the history of their creation, we are getting back to the Middle Ages. In those days chandeliers in cathedrals and churches were made of wooden crossbeams with candles placed on them. Such illuminants were not comfortable, as they gave too little light and too much smoke. Some time later, metal carcass replaced those wooden crossbeams, and candles were put into the special recesses on it. In cathedrals these metal carcasses were decorated with different metal figures, and in houses – with vine branches. This model of chandelier with candles became traditional and didn’t lose its popularity even today.

Let’s talk about the peculiarities of their usage.

Speaking about a room and its design for such illuminants, it must be admitted, that a chandelier with candles can be entered into any décor. A room should be spacious and with high ceiling – to show exquisite and unique charm of such chandeliers. Led bulbs are exactly look like real candles and give bright, warm light. Switching on and off can be implemented in different ways (with the help of a toggle switch or a remote controller).

There is a great variety of such illuminants. Chandeliers with candles can be decorated with different elements (crystal and glass pendants and figures). Their carcass can be made of golden, silver or blackened metal. All this stylistic diversity will help you to find your own special chandelier with candles and to create a special and unique atmosphere at home.



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