Christmas Illumination

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Christmas and New Year is the time for miracles and fairy tales. Why not add more magic to this wonderful atmosphere with the help of festive illumination of a house and a garden? It will turn your home into a fairytale palace and will bring aesthetic pleasure to your neighbors and passers-by. There are no particular styles or rules in arranging festive illumination; all depends on your imagination, tastes and the desired brightness.

We would like to offer you a few ideas for holiday illumination:

One of the most simple and effective variant is to place lights along the perimeter of the door openings and the edges of the roof. Such an idea is especially wonderful for small houses and helps to create really laconic and aesthetic look.

If you like brightness and showiness, try to cover the entire façade of the house with garlands (walls, roof and windows).

Trees of your yard or garden can also be wonderfully decorated. For example, lights can be hung down from the branches (it looks especially beautiful if a tree is rather big), or you can entwine a trunk and branches of a tree with garland. One more idea is to decorate crowns of trees and bushes with flickering lights-stars.

It is pretty easy to decorate columns, arches with the help of diode tape and also place it along the garden paths.

One more variant of decoration is to connect the edge of the roof with the closest trees and bushes.

When the façade of your house is already decorated, it can be beautifully complemented with backlight (from the bottom of the building). Green and red colors of the backlight are the most festive and look really wonderful.

You can also make the most important Christmas elements and symbols by yourself with the help of the diode tape (bells, balls, snow-men and Christmas-trees).

You can also add different Christmas accessories and decorations, which can also be highlighted.


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