Correct Lighting for the Student’s Working Place

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This topic is of current interest today. Our article has not only design aspect; it also contains some information about our health, which is of great importance.
In the era of technological progress, various innovations and modern devices, the eyesight of schoolchildren is subject to a huge load. Our children spend much time sitting at the desk and doing their home task. According to the statistics, more than 90% of all problems with eyesight people get during their school years. The most important task for parents is to organize the working place of their child in the proper way, to make it comfortable and to take care of his/her health (to minimize the eye strain).
There is a great variety of table lamps today; they have different characteristics and special parameters. Let’s sort out which characteristics are the most important, to organize the working place for a pupil correctly.
First of all the lighting should be diffused and it shouldn’t blind. The right height to place the lamp is 60-80 cm over the table. The correct light direction is from the side of the non-working hand (from the left for right-handed and from the right for left-handed people). Some lamps can be fixed in different positions due to a flexible tripod; it is very comfortable and practical. The best form of the plafond of a table lamp is the plafond which has the form of trapeze in section. Such shape diffuses light, makes it soft and very comfortable for eyes. Speaking about the light itself, it should be noticed that the light should be cold and white. According to the scientific researches, this type of light can minimize eye strain, besides, such color spectrum increases concentration.
Based on the mentioned parameters, it is safe to say that energy-saving LED or Halogen lamps will be the right choice when organizing the working place for a pupil or a student.


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