Designer Lamps For Decoration Made Of Different Materials

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When flicking through a living room decorating ideas magazines or browsing similar websites you will no doubt come across various living room themes suggestions. And boy there are plenty and more to chose from. Choosing a living room theme is the most fun part of the process, because once that’s done, you just start your project and watch it fall together like pieces of a very complicated puzzle.

With the rise of the hipster and the digital nomads, many chose to decorate their homes in a very nonchalant style, featuring exposed brick work, miss-matched chairs and sometimes even a fixi-bike as an alternative to the widely accepted wall decorations such as pictures and paintings. Novelty lamps are a hit for that type of style of interior design. Some opt for old bits of pipes to be transformed into laps with exposed bulbs shining bright.  Another cool option is to make a light-bulb glass dome and scatter those around the living room.

For a more rustic appearance insert some wooden beams, leave the fire place unpolished for that lived-in look. Wooden coffee table and drawers in between caramel colored soft arm chairs and a big fluffy cream sofa will give you a feel of an airy cosy farmhouse. To keep up with this vibe go for table lamps and floor lamps made of heavy wood and velvet covered top in emerald and burgundy shades to add an air of mystery.

When it comes to living room themes decorating ideas, the world really is your oyster.




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