Great and Powerful Armytek Flashlights

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Armytek is the Canadian brand. The details are produced in Japan and the USA and the manufacture itself is situated in China. Due to such wide territorial integration, the manufacturer managed to design powerful and secure flashlights for different purposes and terms of use. Armytek is produced with the help of the best materials and modern technologies. The motto of the company is “The most technologically perfect flashlights in the world”.

What are the advantages of Armytek flashlights?

-great lineup, to choose a needed product (fishing, hunting, tourism, diving);

– professionals from the military and space sector are engaged in the manufacture;

-the details of the highest quality from Japan and the USA;

-great strength, strong light power and easy usage;

There are many kinds of Armytek flashlights today. Let’s take a closer look at them:

Armytek Barracuda- is a reliable light source, as it is specially designed for military men and hunters. This model will also suit fishermen and tourists. The maximum range of the glow varies from 520-650 meters; light flow is 1240-1390 Lm; water tightness, shockproof; 10 years warranty.

Armytek Partner- is a limited flashlight collection, which is characterized by powerful light flow and a small size. This variant is wonderful for everyday use. Light flow is 230-390 Lm; the maximum range of the glow is from 90 to 120 meters; 10 years warranty.

Armytek Predator- is a wonderful combination of a wide range of opportunities and good characteristics. It will suit hunters, divers and extreme tourism lovers. The maximum range of the glow varies from 350 to 400 meters; light flow is 210-670 Lm; 10 years warranty.

Armytek Viking Pro v2,5- has great characteristics: good optics, high range, the second generation drivers and various modes. Such flashlights are very popular among military men, hunters and extreme lovers. The maximum range of the glow is 200-300 meters; light flow 760-1100 Lm; 10 years warranty.

Armytek Wizard Pro- suits those, who needs reliable light source with wide and bright beam (hunters, fishers, travelers). The maximum range of the glow is 40-80 meters; light flow is 630-1200 Lm; 10 years warranty.



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