IKEA Floor Lamps with a Smartphone Wireless Charger

Posted On: November 2, 2016 - By

Floor lamps were used only for creation of a soft and diffused light till now. They are also very popular in design, because help to make cozy atmosphere. Today, standard lamps can be founded in every flat and house, as they are mobile and convenient. Such illuminants can be in different design: classical (with a straight leg and a level lampshade) and modern (with a leg of a curved shape and different forms of a lampshade). Because of the rapid development of technology, floor lamps became also useful in daily pursuits, today. One of such contemporary illuminants is IKEA VARV. It is equipped with a wireless charger. If a smart phone has such function, – it can be simply placed on a special integrated charger. In case of an absence of this function, a special cover IKEA VITAHULT can be used. It is also should be noticed, that this cover suits not to all mobile devices. So, you should familiarize with the list of suitable devices.

IKEA VARV is equipped with a USB-port for convenience. You can charge two devices at the same time; it can be a smart phone or a tablet. It is important to know that this device is of QI certification standard and can work with other devices of such certification standard. The duration of charging of a cell phone can vary and depends on the battery capacity. A smart phone can heat during the process of charging, but it is a normal thing; when the process is over, – a device will cool down.

This floor lamp variant will perfectly complete a reading corner in a house and at the same time will support the overall level of charging in gadgets. IKEA VARV floor lamps can be bought in online shops (129$-with an ordinary bulb; 139$- with a diode bulb). These illuminants should be bought only in the certificated shops with the guarantee and the possibility of exchange in case of breaking or a defect. These awesome floor lamps will produce a soft light and will emphasize pleasant and relaxed atmosphere of the interior. A height of this comfortable lamp is adjusted as required, and usage of different kinds of bulbs (mat or transparent) helps to create the shine of the lamp, depending on a lamp shade.


11 Photos of the IKEA Floor Lamps with a Smartphone Wireless Charger