IKEA Lamps is a Great Choice for a Children Bedroom

Posted On: October 5, 2016 - By

A lamp or a bedside lamp is one of the most important accessories in a children bedroom. IKEA lighting has a wide variety of styling and color. Its design suits to a different type of interior. These lamps emit light on the needed area and it doesn’t disturb other children. Careful parents set up bedside lamps if their child is afraid of falling asleep or just wants to read a book. Small children love to look at luminous forms of IKEA lamps. IKEA children lighting is very safe. The plafonds don’t heat up, besides, it is impossible for a child to reach a bulb.

Usually these lamps are very easy to set up on the wall. A cord is affixed with a double sided tape. Marvelous forms of the luminous moon show a child that it is time to sleep. Soft light of a flower form helps a child to fall asleep very fast. Night light is very important for mothers of newborns during breast-feeding at night. IKEA SKOJIG is night light for such purposes. Due to their little weight these lamps are very mobile and there is no need to set them up on the wall. They emit enough light, but at the same time it is not too bright to wake a baby. The lamps don’t heat up even if they are switched on during a long period of time. The length of a cord is only 2 meters and a power button is highlighted in the dark. The price of IKEA SKOJIG lamps varies from 24,99 $.

IKEA SPOKA is another type of IKEA night light. This lamp is charged like a mobile phone and doesn’t have any wires, only a battery. Such battery is very soft, so it can be kept under a pillow without any danger to injure. If necessary it is taken out and the light is switched on. The price of these lamps varies from 24,69 $. All the lamps mustn’t have sharp angles and all the wires must be insulated in a proper way for child safety.

IKEA lamps have clear instructions, so there are no difficulties to assemble them. A color and a form of a lamp should be thought about beforehand when designing a children bedroom. It mustn’t stand out against general interior. Night lighting with a movement-detective sensor or a light sensor is very convenient. In such case the light in a bedroom switches on when a child wakes up and gets up from bed.



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