Lamps in the Form of a Book

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There are many kinds of interior design, today. Each of them is beautiful in its own way. Every kind of interior design has its special details, elements and accents. The bigger their diversity, the greater demands we have. Sometimes, we feel a strong desire to have something extraordinary and unusual. It goes without saying, that to create the interior design of your dream and admire the surrounding, you should have some special details and elements in it. For example: designer furniture, avant-garde paintings or some handmade things. What about original lamps?

Lamps, chandeliers and floor lamps – are the integral and very important part of each interior design. It lets accent correctly, underline all the advantages and create the unforgettable impression. Imagine, that your lamp is original and extraordinary; in this case all its functions are performed successfully and more spectacular!

A lamp in the form of a book sounds unusual and even surrealistic! Though, the designer from the USA, Max Gunawan, thought differently and decided to create this special and really wonderful lamp.

So, how does it work?

The lamp begins to light when you open such a book. Its pages are highlighted with the help of LEDs. The brightness of its light depends on the width of the book disclosure, the wider the brighter. It also should be added, that such a book can be disclosed even by 360 degrees! The cover is connected and we can see the lamp of a different form!

The source of power for this lamp is a lithium battery, so it can work continuously for 8 hours. The cover is made of wood and performed in three variants: cherry, maple (fair), nut wood (dark). The pages are made of the special waterproofed material. The production of these lamps is eco-friendly. Besides, you can use them everywhere. Even outdoors! As you see, lamps in the form of a book not only beautiful and look showily, they are also very practical and easy in use.


7 Photos of the Lamps in the Form of a Book

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