Lampshades Made of Threads with Your Own Hands

Posted On: February 26, 2017 - By

There is a great diversity of different lamps and chandeliers today. It is very easy to find the lamp, you need. You will be pleased with a great variety of colors, forms and models! Do you know the feeling when it is very difficult to make the right choice despite all this diversity? When you want something extraordinary and original? When you feel a great desire to create something with your own hands like an artist with a great potential?

If you are familiar with such a feeling, this article will be very useful and interesting for you. A chandelier in the form of a ball with designer decoration of a lampshade looks really showily and will be a very interesting detail in your interior. All the guests will admire it and pay great attention to it. Such chandeliers were popular before. Due to their beauty, originality and simple manufacturing, these wonderful chandeliers haven’t lost their popularity today.

To create this wonderful thing, you will need the following: cotton or acrylic yarn, a ball or a balloon of the desired diameter and some glue (thick paste).

The following process:

  1. At first, soak the yarn in the glue. You can take threads of white or any other color.
  2. Then lubricate the ball with some Vaseline.
  3. Let this construction dry for 8-10 hours.
  4. Now blow the ball away and pull it from the dried lampshade. Your wonderful chandelier is ready!

Such an extraordinary chandelier with a lampshade made of threads will suit every interior design. The light it gives is very gentle, soft and diffused, due to the narrow gaps between the threads.  A chandelier made of threads can be a wonderful gift, which will pleasantly surprise and certainly cause admiration!



9 Photos of the Lampshades Made of Threads with Your Own Hands