Loft-Style Floor Lamps

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Premises organization and design creation involves the use of the single idea and various details and elements in the same style. All these must submit the single concept and system. Speaking about lighting arranging, the task is more difficult here. It must be not only well organized from an aesthetic point of view, but also cope with its direct functions. Today we are going to speak about loft-style floor lamps. At first, let’s have a closer look at this style in general.

This interior design style appeared in the USA, in 1940s. Many poor people couldn’t afford to buy a house or a flat. They organized their housing on the upper floors of different factories and plants. So, as you see, the meaning and the name of this style are identical. Nowadays, the true loft is the housing, which is located under the roof, on the garret (loft). However, if you really want it, it is possible to arrange every apartment in this wonderful and uncommon style.

Loft-style apartment includes many contrasts: cushioned furniture and brick walls, soft carpets and aged, rough floor. Loft-style room should be pretty spacious, with a high ceiling, so it requires combined lighting. As a rule, loft-style lighting includes the light from big windows, the light from the ceiling lamps and floor lamps. Floor lamps are very important here, they have great stylistic value. They are made in the industrial style, which complements the interior design and breathes life into it.

It is also should be mentioned, that such floor lamps mustn’t be frilly and don’t attract much attention. Metal is the main material for these lamps, as a rule. For example, loft-style floor lamps made of aluminum look wonderful, truly industrial and give a bright light. Besides, such floor lamps look effectively against the background of brick walls. Loft-style floor lamps will be an excellent addition to the room made in this interesting industrial style.



15 Photos of the Loft-Style Floor Lamps