Modern Floor Lamp In The Living Room

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What living room interior design would be complete without a floor lamp and  swanky coffee table. The power trifecta of books, flowers and trays will forever reign and it needs a sturdy yet gorgeous base.

A classic living room design will look arty mixed with a vintage coffee circa 1920 Paris bohemian scene. Opt for a glass table with a steel frame and your living space will be instantly be a picture of modernized chic, whilst putting a low sitting hand carved mahogany piece will scream aristocratic affluence.

A living room table doesn’t have to be a singular feature. With the right amount of space two tables can be twice as nice. Utilise one and keep the other one as purely decorative by adding an eye-popping sculpture or an ornamental lamp.

If you’re a minimalist at heart try playing around with shapes. For example a round table with a rectangular tray will keep the simplicity of the. These types of living room interior scream out for single stemmed floor lamps to keep the geometry of the space in tact.

For a cosy country house feel go for a soft fabric upholstered living room table in soft browns. Cover it with a cream medium-knit blanket for color contrast; also, such mix of textures adds a bit of an edge to your living room interior design whilst creating a relaxed homely atmosphere.




17 Photos of the Modern Floor Lamp In The Living Room

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