Useful Tips For Living Room Lighting And Interior

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Living room is your family’s go to spot. It needs to be welcoming, comforting and homely. Many interior designers will create a color chart reflective of your family members’ characters and personalities after spending some time with them, but it tends to be very pricey and time consuming. If you’re doing it on your own, like of us do, here are some living room color ideas for you to look at.

Sky blue will give the room a feel of calmness and celestial airiness. Because it’s a pastel color, sky blue is very versatile in a sense that it will be very easy to match other interior design pieces to it. It meshes well with the greens, the gold’s, the yellows and the purples, depending on what is the overall mood you’re trying to achieve.
Soft pinks will give the room a very romantic and a more expensive look. Think more the housewives on the Upper East Side rather than Barbie world and you’re on the right track. To maximize the glamorousness of the soft dusky pinks in your living room design ideas chose furnishings of earthier colors such as deep browns, bronzes and ivory.

Choosing the right lighting accessories is essential to give your chosen color scheme the desired finish. For a modern feel floor lamps or tiny ceiling lights scattered around are perfect. Eyeball lights are ideal for a living room interior that gives off a farm-house vibe. If you are looking to maintain the illusion of space and airiness in your living, a selection of small lamps going around the perimeter of the space will created the desired result.

If your living room interior is based on quite neutral colors but you are looking for something to add a bit of a zing to the equation try opting for citrusy limes, yellows and oranges. Opt for some table lights of the similar color scheme and add a bit of vibrancy to you living room interior.


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