Original European Provence Style Chandeliers

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Today, Provence style is very popular in design and décor. Usually, it represents the flavor of European settlement and the light atmosphere of French Provence at the same time. All the details should be thought in advance, when creating such design. This style is often used in home design, café and restaurant design. This also applies to chandeliers in Provence style. Such lamps look as they were made with master’s hands, and it is true to some extent, because these illuminators are partially made with the help of human labor.

Provence style ceiling lamps and chandeliers give pleasant energy in the form of soft and warm light. They are arranged in a slightly perfunctory manner and the materials, the lamps are made of, look rough. Many metal parts are not polished; often they are replaced by platinum and other materials to make the lamps look older and more ancient. Wood or other stuff, similar to it, are also widely used.

A lampshade in such lamps is made of fabric. Dense unpainted cloth of customary colors is present in different details. Metal details are tried to hide under the guise of natural materials. Lamp holders are made of wood, often in unusual forms. Pictures of plants and flowers- are a necessary element. The main color palettes of Provence style are golden, blackened, and silver; some details are often coated with rusty color.

These chandeliers are very pleasing and comfortable. The lampshades don’t look heavy; they look airy and very delicate. They are made of lace, which looks like plenty of napkins with different pictures. The form of a plafond usually imitates plants: it can be curved, similar to trees, or like rambling vine. Diode bulbs in the form of candles, crystal drops and such elements as a cage for birds, for example, are necessarily added. Choosing a Provence style chandelier for a large room, one should select a massive model with a great number of lamps. These chandeliers must create the atmosphere of calmness and relaxation with their light. That’s why one should refuse from very bright bulbs. The best variant would be the installation of a special dimmer for light intensity can be adjusted.


17 Photos of the Original European Provence Style Chandeliers