Sconces in the Style of Hi-Tech

Posted On: February 8, 2017 - By

The style of hi-tech is not just a modern tendency. At first, this is a life style, love for modern technologies, a rhythm of progressive and free people. Today, many people prefer a cold combination of metal and glass to bright colors of Provence style or calmness and elegance of classic style. Let’s name the most remarkable features of hi-tech style.

First of all, the lines and forms are crisp and geometrically correct. The main colors are all shades of white, black and grey, though, some bright contrasts are also possible, especially on different frames and other details. In general, it is “eloquent minimalism”, which tells about the spirit of time and its peculiarities. Lighting is one of the most important factors in the interior design.

Your task is not only to choose the needed lamp or lamps in style, but also to place them correctly and organize their light flow in the right way. Sconces can complement a light ensemble and make light more intensive or vice versa. There is a great variety of sconces in the style of hi-tech, so everyone can find a lamp to his/her taste.

For example, sconces with matte glass are suitable for bedrooms. This kind of glass mutes light, so the atmosphere will be calm and relaxed. Different models of sconces, decorated with transparent glass and crystal, give bright light and due to its refraction the created effect is really wonderful. These lamps can be placed in the living-room. Sconces with white glass and different metal elements and details are very popular today. The light, they give is rather bright and diffused, so you can use such lamps everywhere.

Speaking about lighting, we should add one more thing. It concerns the color of the light itself. It must harmonize with the interior design in general, to create a tremendous effect!




15 Photos of the Sconces in the Style of Hi-Tech