Special Lamps for Aquarium

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Today we are going to speak about a special kind of lighting, which technical characteristics are very important. Aquariums (small, decorative or big and professional) were always very popular. Today, their relevance has only increased. It doesn’t matter whether you are a specialist or you just want to add some charm, beauty and chic to your room (restaurant, café, and club), anyway, you will need some special equipment.

Aquarium lighting is one of the most important things here. As you know, lighting, in general, plays the leading role in vital functions of all living organisms. It is a necessity for their growth, development and life. Only natural light was used for aquariums, before. Everything has changed today. Modern technologies have entered into all spheres of our life and have made it better and easier.

There are many different kinds of aquarium lamps, nowadays. Their main function is to recreate the natural light for fish and plants in the aquarium. Before choosing the kind of aquarium lighting, you should know its main characteristics, which are needed for this recreation. There are three of them: luminosity (brightness), duration and spectral composition. Among the diversity of different aquarium lamps, there are the most popular kinds of them:

LED Aquarium Lighting

This type is prevalent due to a large illuminated area and a small amount of heat. One of the disadvantages of such kind lamps is that they can occupy a lot of space. Led lighting for aquarium is diversiform, its price is also varied, so you can easily find the one you need.

Metal Halide Aquarium Lighting

This is a professional type of aquarium lighting. It provides the greatest amount of light, it has the highest light output. This kind of lighting for aquarium has the ability to create the “playing light” effect (as the sun plays above the water). It also should be added, that metal halide lighting requires special ballasts and it must be mounted only into special lamps.



15 Photos of the Special Lamps for Aquarium