Stair Lighting Is A Comfortable And Practical Element Of Design Which Helps To Save.

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Staircase is always a piece of art. It is a part of design in multistory apartment block and in an apartment. There are many materials of stairs today: wood, metal, glass, etc. Stair lighting is an integral part of stairway steps, as it makes them convenient and safe. The adjustment can be arranged in the following way: when a person approaches to the first step, the backlight switches on; and when a person walks through the stairs, the backlight switches off. It is profitably, as there is no need to switch on the general lighting.

Usually the system works in the following way: a movement detecting sensor is placed before the first and the last step. It is also possible to add backlight to the banisters. One more variant to organize stair lighting: the steps are lighted by turns while walking them through during the night time.  It is possible to take a ready set or separate elements (sensors, boards, lamps and LED strips) for the installation.

Stair lighting with LED strip lights is more convenient and practical today. It lets reduce energy consumption and choose the appropriate colors of stair lighting design. It is also possible to light stairs with a wall lamp which is a type of spotlights. The installation is more difficult here, as it includes lamp mounting on the walls, not only on the stair construction.

Standing lamps or floor lamps can also be used in stair lighting, but the option of automatically switching on is excluded. A big ceiling lighting fitting, which is placed in the centre of a construction, is better for a winding staircase. When choosing stair lighting, one should remember that yellow color suits to wooden stairs and cold colors are for modern materials.


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