Street Lights for a House and House Grounds

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Street lights within the area, adjacent to a private house, have a definite goal- to give light at dark hours. There are several types of street lighting: decorative, landscape and street. Installing street light fixtures is one of the most convenient ways. Since they are more functional than decorative street lights, street lighting fixtures are usually installed in invisible places (a garage driveway, domestic buildings).

Street lighting poles are used to highlight tracks and paths in the yard. They are also installed along the garage driveway. A lighting pole can have a bollard form (consists of a support and a reflector) or a classical lamp form. Sometimes such street lighting poles are installed around the house as decorative backlight. Such lighting can emphasize curves of tracks in the yard and give uniform light around the perimeter.

Decorative street lights are used to emphasize different decorative and architectural subjects and elements. Their light is necessary to backlight a concrete facade plot and to pay attention to it. It is better to use a street lamp form (a hanging lantern or a wall lantern). It is easy to choose such a lamp depending on the requirements of a designer or an architect.

Street lights are always influenced by external environment. They suffer from heat and cold, dust and water. Cars, children and pets can break them. Therefore, all the producers foresee the degree of protection from external influence. Dust and water protection index starts with IP44 and is acceptable for hanging and wall street lamps, decorative street lights and street light lamps. Street lights, which are placed on the ground or along the garage driveway, must be maximally lasting.

Many leading designers and architects advise to think about street lighting beforehand, when designing a house and a garden. In future it will save time and backlight a facade and a house correctly. Lately, LED streets lights are more preferable. Power consumption is lower here and such lights are safer. A LED street lamp is usually attached on a tube, but it can be also attached directly on a house facade with the special mount.


18 Photos of the Street Lights for a House and House Grounds