Suspended Ceiling Lighting

Posted On: February 15, 2017 - By

Suspended ceiling has appeared comparatively not a long time ago at the market, but has managed to reach a great success and popularity. From an aesthetic point of view, such kind of ceiling has many “pluses”. Firstly, you will be pleasantly surprised with a great variety of its design, so it is easy to find the needed color, structure and pattern of the suspended ceiling, which can be harmoniously blended into the overall ensemble of interior. Secondly, suspended ceiling can be made a work of art and a full design object, really beautiful and unique! From a practical point of view, – it is pretty easy to take care of suspended ceiling.

Today, we are going to speak about lighting for suspended ceiling.

Of course, it is possible to limit yourself to a single chandelier or a lamp on the suspended ceiling. But if you want to make full use of this interior element and to highlight (literally and figuratively) its beauty, you cannot do without special lighting.

There are two main kinds of suspended ceiling lighting.

Front (exterior) Lighting

Such type of lighting is attached outside, bellow the ceiling. It lights its external part. LED strip or LED module is used here. To make the light direct and avoid of its diffusion, special boxes are used. This kind of lighting has large light output. Besides, it is easy to be repaired without any harm to the suspended ceiling.

Interior Lighting

This kind of suspended ceiling lighting is attached inside the ceiling. Its main function is to illuminate the inside of the ceiling. In this case, different lamps and bulbs, LED strip or LED module can be used. This kind of suspended ceiling lighting has design view; it looks really great and showily. Special boxes for light direction are not needed, in this case.



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