Table Lamps for Home and Office

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Table lamps play a special role not only at the working place, but also in the design of a cabinet or a room. This element can characterize its owner, tells about his/her profession and tastes. It is should be mentioned, that a table lamp influences productivity, makes comfort and saves vision. A wrong lamp can cause irreparable harm to health. There is a great variety of different table lamps nowadays. It is not difficult to choose the one, which suits a particular interior, of particular color and has needed characteristics.

A table lamp must comply with health standards: fully illuminate the work surface of the table and protect eyes from direct light. A plafond in the form of a trapezoid will be ideal for these purposes. Speaking about its color, it is better to choose calm tones. A bulb should be matt. Table lamps with a tripod are a wonderful and comfortable variant. It is easy to fix an illuminant in needed position and adjust the lighting of the working surface. IKEA doesn’t stop surprising its clients with new models and beautiful classic variants. Today table lamps are not only an additional light source for work and comfort, but also a remarkable accessory and element of design.

If you need a classic table lamp with good characteristics, try IKEA TERCIAL. It is functional and practical, made in a modern minimalistic design, and has one plafond. IKEA ANTIFONI is another wonderful classic model. These lamps have a tripod, and it is easy to change the angle of light with its help. High-tech lovers will like IKEA TIVED. Its design is beautiful and original. The model is very comfortable and convenient. It can be used as a table lamp and as a bra. The tripod is adjustable. The diode bulbs help to reduce energy consumption. Besides, they will serve 20 times longer! These table lamps provide accent lighting for reading and writing and also for other different activities at the workplace.




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