Trends in Lighting 2017

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New Year brings changes and makes adjustments in all spheres of our life. Models dressed in outfits from the latest collections defile on the catwalk, gadgetry appears, etc. Interior design shows much resemblance to high-fashion. It changes all the time, new tendencies and trends appear in the sphere of interior design (home design, office design, etc.).

Today we are going to speak about trends in lighting.

In 2017, designers distinguish the following fashion trends for fixtures and lamps:

LED remains on the leading position

LED lighting has many advantages, as we already know (energy efficiency, safety, functionality). It goes without saying, that this type of lighting will please us in a new season, too. To all its “pluses” we can add one more thing: LED bulbs can be integrated into lamps and fixtures of different forms and types, preserving their functionality and practicality.

Upgrading of Industrial Style

Industrial style is loved by many people; it is popular in fashion and in interior design. Today, designers offer to diversify it and make it more glamorous and sensual. Such an effect can be achieved by using different color ideas, adding metal details of warm colors (pink gold, platinum), wooden parts.


This material is still very popular, only its trend colors are changed. Cold colors were in trend before now. Today, designers prefer gold of warm tones, brass and platinum. Matt surfaces are very popular, too.


This tendency is in trend for a long time and it is still very popular. Rigorous and precise geometric shapes are elegant, actual and look wonderful.

Natural Notes

Natural motifs may soften high-tack, modern and industrial style, make them gentler. Natural forms and soft colors will complement the interior, create some special atmosphere and bring it comfort and warmth.

As you see, there are many new tendencies and trends in lighting this year. They are all very interesting and look really beautiful. Now, it is for you to decide, what idea to choose.



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