Wooden Chandeliers in Country Style

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Wooden chandeliers suit well to almost all designs. These wooden lamps gained a great popularity lately. Since such models look massive enough, they make cozier even a large room, such as a dining room or a living room in a cottage or a big house. These bulky chandeliers can create incomparable atmosphere of antiquity. This medieval coloring is provided by a little coarse work and slightly rough appearance of these lamps. Wooden chandeliers in country style have different forms. The most widespread and popular are models in the form of a wagon wheel and a log.

A wooden chandelier in the form of a wagon wheel is usually hung from the ceiling with a rough rope. Bulbs are set by diameter of a wheel. In this case, the bulbs usually have the form of a candle. Bulbs or plafonds are also set on the lamps in the form of a log. Masters often use forged and metal parts and rough ropes with vintage look, which gives such chandeliers unique authenticity and charm. Imagination has no boundaries here. Such lamps are diverse and unique in their own way. They suit wonderfully to such styles as modern, chalet and country, and make your interior a masterpiece!

Wooden chandeliers have many advantages: environmental friendliness, the ability to retain heat, ease in manufacturing and installation. On the other hand, these lamps have many particular qualities, as they are made of natural materials: combustibility, demands on temperature and humidity, susceptibility to damage by insects. To avoid all these unpleasant things and save the original appearance of the product, wood is handled with a special solution. It will protect wood from deformation, ignition and emerge of insects. Also, these wooden lamps shouldn’t be installed in the kitchen or in the bathroom. Since temperature differences and humidity changes can have a negative effect on their appearance. The best places for these chandeliers will be a hallway, a living room and a bedroom.

Wooden chandeliers in country style are partially made by nature; as every branch, snag and a log are unique and perfect in their own way. The only thing a master needs to do is to polish material carefully with special solutions and to complete a product with different details on style and bulbs. It is important to remember, that wood is combustible material, that’s why one should choose diode and energy saving bulbs, as they will not heat up.



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